When and Where we meet:

Meetings for 2024 

May 2 - Larissa Simulik from UNB speaking on Woodcocks.
The title of her talk is Finding Woodcock: the nesting and diurnal habitat of the American Woodcock in New Brunswick.

Where We Meet:

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6.30 PM.Please Note: Snacks and Beverages will be available.

The following steps are for any member who wants to organize an event/outing for the FNC:

Step 1. Check the calendar and make sure there are no other events/outings planned on the date you are planning your event.

Step 2. Fill out and submit our form for events/outings.

Step 3. Wait for a response from the executive.

Step 4. Once you have been given the green light, inform the webmaster by email to insert your event/outing into the calendar.

The reason for this process is to make sure that all events/outings are authorized by the FNC for insurance purposes. Also, to make sure events/outings do not overlap.