This 26-ha property is unofficially so-named because it was owned by former Fredericton mayor Elbridge Wilkins before being acquired by the city in 2020. It is designated as 202 Sunset Drive and SNB map PID 1403229 and traversed by the unmarked Airport Road. There is rough parking on-site.

The successional changes at the site are best described in an article written by Fredericton Nature Club co-founder Peter Pearce and published in NB Naturalist by Nature NB.

Noteworthy birds at Wilkins Field include Marsh Wrens, Rails, Least Bitterns, and Willow Flycatchers, the latter the subject of another article in the same journal.

As Fredericton’s second-most productive - and the northside’s most productive - birding site, Wilkins Field has the potential to be a magnet for birders, a learning experience for students, a tourist destination, and a low-impact recreational facility for seniors.


Photo by  David Lilly

Marsh Wren

Photo by David Lilly.

Wilkins Field.