A favourite outing locale of the Fredericton Nature Club, this former rail line and possible future city trail stretches from the Barkers Point Bypass to the power lines at the eastern city limits. The City of Fredericton acquired the 100’- (30.5 m-) wide ribbon of earth excepting a section owned by Wetmore’s Nursery. Snowmobiles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and trucks may be encountered, but mutual respect has been observed by all.

Parking is available at the two access points – the end of McMinniman Court and along Timber Lane. No other amenities are found here.

The adjacent land shows occasional negative impacts from garbage disposal and housing development just outside the city limits.

In addition to waterfowl, birds in the marsh and woodland vary from woodpeckers to warblers and herons to hawks. Successfully breeding Canada Geese are usually found in the wetland. More information on habitat and birds in this area can be found  in an article written by Fredericton Nature Club President Graham Forbes.

Canada Goose

Photo by David Lilly

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Photo by David Lilly