Birding in Fredericton.

Fredericton Nature Club has many activities the community can participate in. Bird watching is an activity for the whole family. All you need is a good pair of binoculars and an interest in birds. In Fredericton and surrounding areas, there are lots of opportunities for bird watching - summer or winter. Below are some Links to the hot spots for birding in Fredericton

Here is a link that explains: A beginners guide to getting started in Birding

New Brunswick Winter Bird List

Fredericton Bird List

Places to go Birding in Fredericton

Fredericton offers many opportunities for birding.

McMinniman Railway Line by Graham Forbes,  President FNC

Odell Forest Park Graham Forbes, Graham Forbes, President FNC

Jemseg Graham Forbes, Past President FNC

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Photos by Carol Wakeham

Fredericton Nature Club Member.

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 Christmas Bird Count for 2019