Stretching from Station Road in Devon to the  Marysville Heritage Center at 11 McGloin Street, the 5.3-km Gibson Trail offers views of the Nashwaak River, which it crosses on a converted railway bridge. In fact, the entire trail is located on the bed of the former Alexander “Boss” Gibson rail line. As with the rest of Fredericton’s world-class 133-km trail system, it is promoted by the Fredericton Trails Coalition.

Parking is available at both ends of the trail and beside Hyla Park, across the trail behind the Greenwood Drive Baptist Church at 150 Greenwood Drive. 

Within sight of the former Boss Gibson cotton mill are riparian lands rehabilitated by the Nashwaak  Watershed Association.

Flooded fields on the upland side of the trail support a variety of waterfowl in the spring. Habitat along the trail also includes mixed forest and marshland. Several warbler and flycatcher species may be found alongside this trail.

 Northern Pintail

Photo by David Lilly

 Tree Swallow

Photo by David Lilly