Tony Diamond submitted some Butterfly and Moth photos he has taken over the past few years. Here is his Nature Gallery.

Nature News

Photos to brighten your spring in Nature.

Photos by David Lilly

What - Jim Goltz will be leading Two birding walks

Where -  Botanic Garden at Odell Park.

When - They are October 2 and February 5

Birding Walks

Photos to brighten your Fall in Nature.

Photos by David Lilly

Winter Finch Report  - A report on what Finches you should see this winter.

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count, a Fredericton tradition, will take place in 2021 on
Sunday, 19 December. The participants tally bird species and numbers.
New participants are welcome, and there is no cost. We are looking for both feeder watchers
and in-the-field counters. To learn more, please contact the count compiler at "